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Boards of Directors help drive the course for the company.  As boards look to improve their performance, they often overlook how they function as a group and as individuals.  Vela, LLC helps the board examine itself to determine what is working well and where improvements may lie.  We then offer specific steps that can be taken that lead to more effective functioning. 

Some common issues that we have helped boards overcome include:  poor decision making processes, ineffective relationships between the board and management, competing personal and corporate agendas, acquisition due diligence and integration, on boarding new members, interpersonal communications and board room etiquette. 

As boards continue to be under scrutiny and pressure for greater performance, outstanding boards see development as an ongoing self-improvement process.  Vela assists boards with development that is professional, discreet and private.


Board of Directors Development  An analysis is conducted by interviewing each board member and observing board processes.  A Development Plan is created for the entire board based on board dynamics and functioning. 

Individual Member Development  An individual development plan is created and shared privately.  Information for analysis may be collected through interviews and observations.

Board of Directors/Management Relationships  The status of the relationship is evaluated through interviews and observations.  Strengths are emphasized and suggestions are offered for improvement.

Acquisitions  An assessment is made, by interviews and observations, of the acquisition’s people and culture to determine how it will fit with the company and its needs.  Suggestions are made for smoothing the transition and integration.


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