Family Business  



Family companies can be the best places to work and sometimes the most difficult.  Vela understands both the business and family side of the work.  We have helped family businesses, both large and small, navigate the sometimes complex and turbulent waters of balancing company goals and family needs.  Our experience and training in family therapy as well as in the business world allows us to provide insight that can help reduce some of the tensions inherent in family businesses.  We work with family members and non-family executives to help keep the company functioning well.


Family Members  Through interviews and observations, we work with the family members to ensure that they use their strengths to benefit the company.  We help them navigate family issues that may interfere.  We also provide assistance in the development of the next generation.

Non-family Members  It’s important for family businesses to have the right non-family members working with them.  We offer assessments to determine that the company has the right mix of personalities and skill sets to complement the family.  We provide ongoing coaching to help support and challenge the non-family members.
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