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The Senior Executive Group moves the company forward.  While they may arrive at a clear and results-oriented strategy, they often don’t fully appreciate how what they say or do both individually and as a group can help or hinder the achievement of those goals.

Vela helps leaders improve upon their leadership skills.  We help people examine whether their behaviors align with what they are trying to accomplish.  We help bring executive teams together into a more beneficial working relationship.  We broaden thinking about how one interacts with other constituents, such as analysts, corporate boards, etc. We offer ways to develop the next generation of leadership.

Vela brings sound psychological principles and experience with executives facing a myriad of challenges to its developmental work with the executive team.  We seek first to understand the team, its goals, and the corporate environment.  We then provide assistance to help the executive do more of what works well and to find new ways around old problems.


Executive development  After an analysis of an individual’s strengths, areas for improvement, and the needs of the company, a plan is created with the individual for continued growth and development.  On going coaching helps focus behaviors to achieve progress and success. 

This focused development may be especially useful for executives new in their role, for those whose job requires a quicker learning curve, for helping a good executive become better, and for a faltering executive to receive help.  We also offer development for those executives who show promise for leadership positions.

CEO’s also find it useful to have an outside perspective on their leadership and their group.

Candidate interviews  In-depth interviews are conducted with executive candidates to analyze their fit into the company’s position and culture and to assess their ability to engineer the type of change needed by the company.  Specific suggestions are given to smooth the transition into the company and for the executive’s development.

Executive Team Development  Strengths and weaknesses of the executives team’s functioning are assessed through interviews and observations.  Suggestions are offered for both the individuals and the group to improve the team’s impact.  Meetings are facilitated to emphasize the team’s strengths and to help modify any dysfunctional patterns.

Organizational Change  While most organizations create a clear path of where they want to go, they often overlook the behaviors necessary to get there.  We offer assistance in creating the goals and developing the plans that move people to new actions.  We provide ongoing coaching to bring the new thinking to the specific daily tasks that make a difference.

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