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Board Topics

The Weak Board Member
Many boards find themselves in a situation with a board member who contributes little or not at all or who may pull the board off topic, slowing down or even interfering with the board’s progress. This article describes strategies for overcoming the presence of the weak board member.

Maximizing Board Impact
This essay describes the framework that a Board can use to enlarge its impact without interfering with management.

Diversify the Personality Type
Board diversity is typically thought of in obvious ways, i.e., ethnicity, gender, functional expertise, etc. This essay outlines a broader conception of diversity. It focuses on personality types, each of which is essential to optimal board functioning.

New York Times
This is a short description of the concepts contained in the Diversify the Board… by Personality Type essay.

Executive Topics

Do You Know Who is Actually Delivering Results?
This essay explores the ways in which accurate allocation of credit has major implications for decisions about employment, promotion and termination and, ultimately, the very achievement of results.

Creating Organizational Resiliency
A resilient organization copes and succeeds during difficult economic times but also prepares itself to take full advantage of opportunities when business conditions improve. This essay describes specific steps leaders can take to build a resilient organization.

How Emotions Influence Business Decisions
Business decisions are not exclusively rational. This essay describes both the positive and negative ways in which emotions influence business decisions.

Intelligent Micromanagement
There are times when micromanagement is needed and even a responsibility. This essay describes a thought process an executive can use to determine when and how to intelligently employ micromanagement practices.


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